First Post

Konnichiwa amigos y amigas!  In case you didn’t realize, I’m in Japan!  I arrived on September 4th, 2012, and I have a one year contract to teach English with AEON, which is a big, private English language school here in Japan.  I’m living in Kawasaki City, which is just southwest of Tokyo.  While I’m here, I’m going to explore Japan, work on my taiko skills and Japanese, and see my friends (and my “special friend” *wink-a-dink*) who have moved to Japan.  Hopefully this blog will help me stay better connected with you great people back home, and you can stay updated with my Japanese times if you wish.


3 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Fred Evans

    Steve – Thank you for doing this blog. I’m glad you’re working hard and keeping a good attitude. Keep the blog posts coming! Love – Dad.

  2. Dave Bird

    Thanks for starting your blog. I enjoyed your first entries. I didn’t find any photos though. Did I miss them? Would like to see pics of where you work and live, and a class. Also look forward to reading about what you do on your weekends. Don’t rest up, have fun. I think what you have undertaken is wonderful and inspiring. Good luck in the big city!
    Uncle Dave

  3. Kathy Evans

    Stephen, your blog will start to fill a big void here. I’m eager to learn about your experiences in Japan and the people who are important to you there. People ask me how you’re doing and I want to be able to tell them something . . . now I can! I liked learning about your work – it’s a big part of your life right now with more pressure than you will feel later on when you’re settled into your routine. I am excited for you in this great adventure! Keep being the wonderful person you are.
    Love, Mom


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