Mt. Takao – 11/18/2012

I got to have an adventure today!  I went to Mt. Takao, which is a popular hike about an hour away from my apartment by train.  It was a wonderful opportunity to see the changing fall colors and show off my quick walking skills.  Here are some pictures!



Image          Picture from the top!  I think the guy holding his head in the bottom right corner is doing so because he’s struggling to understand how awesome nature is.

Image          This is the top of the mountain.  Lots of shops, big visitor center, LOTS of people, and you can’t even find any dirt to walk on if you wanted to.  Really strange!


Image            There are about 6 trails that go up Mt. Takao.  On the way down, I took the most popular route.  It was paved the entire way, and I came across a temple, and several patches of shops.  People everywhere.


Image        People EVERYWHERE!  And this is on a Monday!  I can’t imagine the weekend.

ImageYummy dango!  It’s a sort of…I don’t know what it is.  Like mochi balls?  With some savory sauce spread on the surface.  The people making them will do a little chant before handing them to you.  Kind of like magic!

Image          The one place that wasn’t teeming with humans on the way down.  There was a Buddhist stupa built on a little hill that required extra climbing and no one was up there, so I took the opportunity to photograph myself.

Image   Spooky statues outside the stupa!

Image        The stupa.  I still don’t know what a stupa is. I’m stupa-d


Image        The vastness of Tokyo!

At the bottom, I walked to a graveyard I saw on the train ride to Mt. Takao.  It was built up the mountain side in terraces.  They used white metal fences along the terraces and as handrails, and set against the gray stone of the rock walls and shrines/tombstones/not-sure-which-word-to-use, it looked so spooky and cool, like bones!

Image        Pretty stream on the way to the cemetery.









Image        Picture of the train from the cemetery.

Image   Spooky willow tree outside the cemetery.  Ooooooh!

I will need to return to Mt. Takao again soon!  There are a series of peaks past Mt. Takao that I could make a nice, day-long hike out of.  And the train fare is only 480 yen to get there, which is really not bad.  I need to make sure I keep doing stuff like this every weekend.


3 thoughts on “Mt. Takao – 11/18/2012

  1. Fred Evans

    Steve – Thank you for these great pictures. I remember crowds of people everywhere we went when I was there, even on hikes in the mountains. Japan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. According to Wikipedia, Japan has a population density of 873 per sq. mi., and the US has a density of 89. Does it feel like there are 10 times as many people around you than there were here? I’m glad you’re able to get out and see some of the sights. Keep posting! Take care – Dad.

  2. Dave Bird

    Thanks for your posts Stephen. I have enjoyed them. We miss you here but seeing your pictures and reading about what you are doing is great. Hope you are doing well, and keep posting!

  3. odangausagi

    This might be way back-dated, but a stupa is a burial mound that houses a piece of the Buddha, or so they were originally designed as, but as years went by various Buddhist monks were given the honor of having their remains divided into stupas as well. So they often house some remains of a religious figure. (The first stupa, The Great Stupa:


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