Japanese doings backlog pt. 1/2 – Nov 2012-Feb 2013

Ooh!  I have not been filling everyone in with what I’ve been doing.  I’m sorry!  This post is the first of two posts to catch up on the memorably things I’ve done that I took pictures of.  Enjoy!

Nov 26 – Science Museum in Odaiba – This museum was…kind of boring.  But the building was really cool, and there was this awesome sphere made up of a bunch of tiny screens that showed the earth rotating around.


Dec 2 – Ghibli Museum – There was a really pretty park you walk through to get to the museum.  The museum building was really cool, with lots of secret passageways and things to explore.  There’s also a really good short film that is only showed at the museum about sumo wrestling mice.  And on top of the museum is a garden with a nice robot. Fuuuuun!



Dec 10 – weird enormous empty stone building – In the name of adventure, I went wandering around Gaienmae station in Tokyo and came across this building that freaked me out.  I expected mummies to emerge and ruin Tokyo.



Dec 16 – Hakone – Ai and I went to Hakone, which is about 1.5 hrs west of Tokyo.  I got my first view of Mt. Fuji while riding the cable car to this nice lake, which we hiked to the other side of.  Half way around the lake, we went up another cable car to the top of a mountain.



       Pirate ship coming out of my ear.


Jan 14 – Snow Day – This was the only time it snowed enough for the snow to stick to the ground this winter.  Since it happened on a weekend, I went to a nearby park to frolic!


Feb 3 – Art and Music exhibit – This was a really cool exhibit at…some modern art museum in Tokyo.  The exhibits were works of visual art that somehow involved music.  For example, the first room had a shallow, circular pool with various sized ceramic bowls floating in it, and a jet gently propelled them across the pool and back around the sides, all the while knocking into each other pleasantly.  My favorite work/piece/thing was a record player that played the cross section of a tree.  A laser detector of some sort read the tree lines, and interpreted them into notes played on a piano.  So the piece started slow at the outer edge of the tree where the lines were far apart, and as it moved to the center it gradually became a flurry of notes as the tree lines got closer and closer together.  Coolest exhibit ever!  I was so happy to have gone. 


Feb 13 – Mount Oyama – A nice mountain only about 45 minutes from my house by train.  It’s famous for its steep, jagged trail, and the surrounding area is known for its tops and tofu.  I got an awesome tofu feast with five different types of tofu after the hike!


Feb 17 – View of Tokyo from the Mori Building in Roppongi – There’s a lovely modern art museum on the 52nd floor of the Mori Building, and included in the admission price is a 360 degree view of Tokyo.  I arrived just before sunset and I got to see Tokyo light up!


There you go!  3 months of weekend activities.  I sure have had a nice time.  Stay tuned for more stuffffff!


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